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The Blatant Production Company (BPC) is the umbrella name for the theatrical lighting and stage management work carried out by Suffolk-based Mike Allmey, the title originally being used in Limited Company form when Mike left BT in 2000 and toured the country in a new Land Rover Defender 'doing' fibre trunk network design and planning for ntl: (now part of Virgin Media) and Transco. Well, someone had to.

Having since (dis)graced theatres as far afield as Southend to Edinburgh via Penrith and Lowestoft, Mike now spends his stage time in rural Suffolk and Norfolk with a variety of non- and semi- professional companies using a variety of venues.

Between 1992 and 2000 Mike designed and ran the lighting for every production by the Basildon-based Thalian Theatre Group (and was Chairman for several years) and continued to design their lighting, despite moving 80 miles away, until 2008. Mike has been the LD for the Open Space Theatre Company since its inception in 2008 and was the incumbent LD for Wingfield Barns, formerly Wingfield Arts, for its successful ground-breaking opening season in 2009. In the latter part of 2013 he was asked to join the board of the Community Interest Company (CIC) responsible for the management of Wingfield Barns… and hasn’t been asked to leave yet.

He’s quite handy with a large trailer in small spaces and will, if asked nicely, train you for your “H” licence to enable you to drive a tracked vehicle. You never know when you might need one.

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